About us


Hello!  Thank you for visiting aLoo.  My name is Aarti Mehta.   I am a physician, but more importantly I am a first-time mom.  It was this life-changing experience that inspired me to create aLoo, a device that prevents contamination during bottle feeding.  

Although I was fortunate to have a supportive, knowledgeable group of parents in my family and friends circle, there was no way for me to truly understand the challenges of motherhood until my baby daughter arrived.  Even after reading countless books and intently listening to other parents’ advice, nothing could prepare me for how I would handle the stresses of becoming a parent for the first time. 

One of the biggest frustrations for me occurred when I returned to work and had to begin bottle feeding.  I found myself having to waste ounces of my precious, “liquid gold” breast milk after my daughter took her first sip.  I could not believe that once she took her first sip, all of the milk in her bottle was contaminated with her saliva, and therefore had to be discarded soon after the feeding.  I scoured the Internet and found many innovative baby bottles, but none that simply prevented such bacteria from contaminating the unconsumed breast milk. 

That day, aLoo was born!  After much research, we created a device that allows liquid to flow from the bottle through the nipple, but prevents the liquid from re-entering the main chamber of the bottle.  The aLoo device simply fastens to the cap/nipple portion of the bottle and it is ready to begin feeding within seconds.  It's like a barrier that blocks backwash from the bottle.  This device is the first of its kind that allows parents to finally LEAVE BACKWASH BEHIND!

As a mother and doctor, I believe aLoo has truly solved this problem.  I wish I had it when my daughter was bottle feeding, and I hope you are able to benefit from it, as well!