You Know Where This Is Going...

This morning, I was proud of my ability to get up feeling rested, despite daylight savings “spring-forward (which is a lie. I don’t spring forward after losing an hour of sleep).”  I was feeling good.  My daughter slept until 8am (I know!).  I had breakfast ready, I was congratulating myself on having my system down pat, and began getting my daughter ready. 

As I turn my back, her cup of milk is pooling at the foot of my bed.  I stayed calm and sopped it up, trying to ignore the nagging voice reminding me of how difficult it is to get the smell of old milk out of anything.  My trunk reminds me of that every time I open it.  Anyway, I put on a silk sweater (we are having our headshots taken at work today) and am pleased with my choice. In fact, my daughter tells me “that looks nice, mommy.”  She’s a delight.  

Then she gets her hands on some lavender lotion, gives herself a nice palm full of it, but then can’t hold the handrail when going down the stairs.  So, I pick her up, telling her to keep her hand closed, which she does, until the last step, when she grabs my waist to hold on (as she should, but still!)  and I get a nice palm print of lotion on the front of my sweater.  Still, I am proud of taking it in stride.  Headshots won’t include my waist, right? 

Now we are running late, though, and I don’t like getting to school after the doors have closed.  Sure, she is only 2 and ½ years old, but I don’t want to be the parent who thinks she is above the rules.  So I am rushing her out the door, getting her shoes on while she is still eating at the table, zipping up her coat as she takes her last sip of milk.  We get out the door and to school just 2 minutes after the doors close.  I really am a mom who can do it all!  I even find parking right away! In fact, the whole street is full of spots.  I’m impressed that so many parents were on time today, as we are usually a part of a select few who are barely squeaking through the doors as they staff shuts them.  Even the crossing guard is nowhere to be found.   

My daughter is asking to come out of her car seat to get to school.  So I ask you this…how do you explain to a 2 year old that mommy didn’t know that school was closed today? Super mom, right?  Hahahahahaha.  I should have known better.  I blame it on daylight savings time.    


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