Sanity Saver #1

I'd like to introduce "Sanity Savers," aLoo's quick tips, interesting ideas, or things we would have known about earlier for all things related to parenting. We would love to hear any of your "Sanity Savers" as well!  Please feel free to add them in our comments.  

Sanity Saver #1:  Make your diaper bag a backpack, instead of an over the shoulder bag.  Not only is it much easier and more balanced for your back, it also will not keep sliding off your shoulder when you walk/run/pick up your little one.  Here are some of our favorites:

I ended up going with the Hikpro backpack because of the number of pockets, small inside pocket to keep money and small items safe, as well as the overall size of the bag.  Please feel free to share your thoughts!



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