I am always impressed by parents who are able to schedule an in-home photoshoot with their newborn just a week or two after delivery.  I barely made it to our first Pediatrician appointment because I had no idea what day it was… 
For all those moms like me, I thought it would be nice to have some tips on achieving somewhat nicer photos during those first weeks, even if they aren’t professional-grade.  Here are a few things I thought were great ideas:

Follow what the baby does.

I always wanted the adorable feet photos,

babyfeet aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk dr aarti mehta md

or the hands of a parent making a heart with the baby’s feet inside. 

baby feet in heart aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk liquid gold aarti mehta MD

I sure did struggle to do anything I could to get that shot (I never got it).  But, I did get a great shot of my daughter grasping onto my thumb. 

ari and my thumb, aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk stop wasting breastmilk

I never would have thought to take that photo, nor does it sound all that great while telling you.  Nonetheless, it’s my favorite one.

Get photos with parents in them

I love the idea of only the baby in those adorable poses.  But, even though I was a mess and couldn’t see without my glasses or contacts, one of my favorite photos is me (blurred out a little, which is nice) looking down at my daughter.  The camera focuses on her, front and center, but has me and all of my emotion right in there too. 

aarti and ari aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk


Keep it simple

Why do we need flowing fabric, garlands of flowers, elaborate backdrops and accessories to take attention from the newborn?

baby details aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk stop wasting breast milk

Look at their toes! And fingers! And tiny little lips!  And the ears, cheeks, eyelashes…you get my point.


What is the purpose of the photo?

Keep in mind what the photo is going to be used for.  For example, is this going to be printed on cardstock for a birth announcement?  Framed in a small or large frame?  Printed onto canvas in large format?  That might determine the level of detail, brightness and colors you may choose.    


Obviously.  Use your common sense, your mom-instincts and be a reasonable person. And keep in mind that most of those adorable poses you may have seen are actually "composite photos", where several photos are layered on to one another, and the hands holding the baby up are photoshopped out!  Look!

newborn photography hacks tips aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk


Some Great Hacks I Came Across...

  • Keep the space warm with space heaters or a heating pad (on low, safely placed under the protection of several blankets


  • Try a white noise machine to soothe baby during the photo session.


  • Low cost light reflectors:  white poster board or cardboard with foil taped onto it.


  • Low cost backdrop:  bedsheets tied to a door or to tripods, or tape some gift wrap on the wall.


  • Low cost light diffuser—tape a coffee filter around the flash on your camera.  It   diffuses light and softens shadows


Please send us your favorite baby photos! We would love to post them on social media! 


-The aLoo Team 



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