Interview with our FIRST prototype tester!

We are so grateful to have Sarah Amiran Crewell as the first official aLoo prototype tester!  Sarah is an attorney in Chicago practicing at Amiran & Crewell LLC.  She is the mother of Henry, born December 15th, 2016.  Look how sweet he is!

Interview with Sarah Amiran Crewell:

aLoo:  What was your first thought when you heard about aLoo?
SAC:  I thought it was a great idea.  My 3 month old will sometimes only eat an ounce after I've poured him his normal 3 ounces and I really hate throwing out the rest of the bottle.

aLoo:  So you had a similar disliked having to waste breast milk?
SAC:  I think I get irrationally upset when I have to waste breast milk.  Pumping is the worst and to lose the milk is such a waste.

aLoo:  What did you think when you first saw aLoo?
SAC:  I liked knowing that it would prevent bacteria from ruining the milk.  Breast milk can last for hours outside the fridge and days in the fridge so it is nice knowing aLoo would help extend the life of a bottle of milk.

aLoo:  How did you feel about using it?
SAC:  It was very easy to use and did not make a difference in the time it took to prep a bottle so I was happy to add it to the bottle.

aLoo:  What did you like about it?
SAC:  I liked the ease of use.

aLoo:  What were some drawbacks to using aLoo?
SAC:  It did make the stream of milk slower, but this could be good for a mostly breastfed baby.

aLoo:  How do you like being the first consumer to test this device?
SAC:  It is pretty cool -- I have never been the first to test anything!

aLoo:  Would you recommend aLoo?
SAC:  Definitely!  I would recommend it for any breastfeeding, bottle-using mother.

aLoo:  How would you describe aLoo to a pregnant friend?
SAC:  I would say it is something you would not think about needing, but that makes your life much easier.

aLoo:  Would you tell them to put aLoo on their baby registry?
SAC:  I would tell them to put aLoo on their registry.  aLoo does not seem expensive for the benefit it can provide and it really does not take much effort to use.

Sarah, Thank you for taking the time to help us test out and spread the word about aLoo.


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  • Amishi

    Thanks Sarah, for providing such helpful information! It is so great to see how aLoo can help mothers in real life situations. Keep up the great work, aLoo team!

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