Feeding Spoon Idea

Personally, I find kids feeding spoons to be annoying.  Sure, the wider spoon handle makes it easier for the baby to grasp, but the spoon itself is so big, that it's hard for the baby to get used to eating from the spoon.  Or, the spoon head is so deep that the baby skims the top of the food, not the whole spoon.  Or, food spills over the sides of the spoon, because the baby can't fit the whole spoon into their mouth!  My solution to this is ESPRESSO SPOONS.  





They are big enough where the baby can't choke on them, but small enough for them to fit the head of the spoon completely in their mouth.



 And, because the handle is typically smaller, it develops their hand muscles more.  Also, they are stainless steel, not plastic!  Seems like a win-win to me.  Happy Eating!          





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