We had an early morning start on Saturday!  We filmed our crowdfunding campaign video with actress Mindy Fay Parks and her two WEEK old son, Lochlan.  Our videographer/producer/director, the excellent Paul Matian did a great job (see below for some screen shots of the video...to be released in a few weeks).  Here are some shots of the crew getting ready:

Crew setting up

Mindy setting up the aLoo demonstration



Paul discussing shot of aLoo

Paul discussing the best angle of the shot



After we were set up and ready to go, the lights were on, camera was rolling and the action started:


Paul getting a tight shot of aLoo



Mindy Fay Parks aLoo

Mindy in action!



Mindy and Lochlan

Baby Lochlan in his first ever shoot!


We had a great time, and 8 hours later, we were done!  Lochlan was just the sweetest, most patient newborn we have ever seen!

And now, for the first time ever, here are a few shots of the video...just for you our early adopters/newsletter readers!


 Mindy and baby aLoo

Mindy and Lochlan


 arrow on bottle

Notice the arrow showing the direction that backwash flows (when you don't use aLoo)


bottle and timer with bacteria

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock


aarti mehta md aloo

 Co-Founder and mother, Aarti Mehta MD


Thanks for taking the time to read about our progress!


  • Reena

    Congrats you guys, this is so exciting!!

  • Mindy Fay Parks

    Lochlan and I had a blast on set and we’re happy to help promote such a great, parent-friendly, and useful product!

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