We know there is A LOT of advice (whether you like it or not!) on pregnancy, delivery, breastfeeding and child rearing.  But no one can prepare you for the unique experience YOU will have along this life-changing path. 

We wanted to share with you a few of our staff's favorite breastfeeding-related products, that were not necessarily things they thought to purchase in advance.  Read on to learn about the few things we didn't know we needed, until we DID! 

1. Lily Padz

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These silicone nursing shields are super thin, easy to use and are re-useable! They are tacky on one side and smooth on the other, and you just stick it onto your breast, which seals your nipple, preventing milk from being released when you aren't feeding.  You can buy Lily Padz HERE.


Letdown Milk Catchers

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Did you know that when you are breastfeeding on one side, the other breast releases breastmilk, as well?  Well, we didn't!  Letdown milk catchers solve this problem by easily attaching to the unused breast, and collecting all of the precious breastmilk that would otherwise leak into your clothes.  Sure, you can try and cover your nipple to prevent leakage, but that may also send a message to your brain that you don't need that breastmilk.  We want all the breastmilk we can get, so letdown breastmilk catchers are extremely useful. 


Coconut Oil For Cracked Nipples

coconut oil cracked nipples breastfeeding breastmilk save breastmilk aLoo myaloo.com

We did not expect there to be so many products to treat painful chapped and cracked nipples.  But, they all have multiple ingredients, and we weren't convinced they were all okay for the baby to ingest.  One all-natural, organic option is coconut oil. And, if you have a Costco membership, their coconut oil is incredible...organic, virgin and super low priced.  You can use the extra oil to massage your baby (assuming there is no allergy), moisturize your skin, and condition your hair, as well!


Water Bottle

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Okay, this one isn't a huge surprise, but there is no way to imagine the intense thirst you will feel when you breastfeed.  There is, also, no way to know exactly where you will be when you breastfeed.  Having a water bottle at your side is much more convenient that using water glasses, which tend to get left behind all over the house.  Also, water bottles are much more noticeable, which makes them easier to find when you are about to start feeding!  And, while you are at it, grab a snack, too, because you may also feel incredibly hungry when you start a breastfeeding session.

And finally, of course, we feel that aLoo is a must have for new parents, as well!  aLoo myaloo.com save breastmilk breastfeeding

We want you to know that we are not affiliated with the companies we write about, nor do we collect any marketing fees for these posts.  They are objective recommendations and come from aLoo staff's personal opinions.

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