Nine months can seem like an eternity for excited parents who have been waiting to have a child for a long time.   While for others the nine months is the perfect length of time to get use to the idea that they are going to bring home a new addition to the family!

The important thing to remember is that we are different & no matter how you feel, it's ok!  Here are some simple ways to bond with your bump...he or she is aware of the outside world and the noises the surround him. 



Reading to your unborn child aLoo

Photo courtesy of Green Child Magazine

Read aloud your favorite children’s books.

Your baby can hear sounds from inside the womb from as early as 18 weeks of pregnancy.  You are likely to get a lot of enjoyment out of the experience as memories of your childhood come rushing back. 


Talking to your bump is another way of bonding.  Speaking to him acknowledges his existence and will help to mentally prepare you for his arrival.


Putting on your favorite playlist and dancing around the house is a wonderful way to relieve stress.  Your baby will be aware of your movements and the sounds around him. He will be just as engaged as you are!


Prenatal yoga aLoo save breastmilk

Take up pre-natal yoga.  This gentle form of exercise encourages you to connect with your body through breathing and stretching.  Yoga forces you to be at one with your body.


Prenatal massage aLoo

A good pre-natal massage is a wonderful treat to help relieve tension built up in your body from your pregnancy.   Your baby will get just as much benefit from the massage as you. A gentle massage to the belly will help to stimulate him and connect him to the outside world.  


Take time out in your day to sit quietly and recharge.  It is during these times that you are likely to feel kicks, pushes and prods from your unborn child as he stretches inside the womb.  Press back gently on your belly should he kick, and play a little game with your child. It is sure to bring a smile to your face.

Get Dad involved

Bonding with unborn baby aLoo

Encourage your partner to touch and kiss your belly.  Encourage him to get close and to whisper sweet messages.  He will enjoy the experience as much as you. 

Pet names

Come up with a pet name for your unborn child.  A name will give the baby an identity for the time been.  You may even want to continue to use the pet name long after he is born.

Keep a journal

pregnancy journal aLoo save breastmilk

Record your private thoughts and progress throughout the pregnancy.  A journal forces you to connect with your body and the emotions you are experiencing at the time.

Progress checks

Keeping a track of your baby’s development is exciting.  Understanding his size and his milestones helps to build excitement as he grows into a little human.  

Baby scan photo

Bonding with your unborn baby aLoo

Keep your baby scan photo close by.  Look at it everyday as a constant reminder that you will soon be a mother.  


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