5 Essential Products for Breastfeeding/Pumping Moms!

Pumping Liquid Gold is a not an easy task.  The time, commitment, effort and patience it takes to express, contain and store this precious liquid is significant.  We found a five new products that will undoubtedly make pumping life easier for moms!

1.  Beaugen Breast Pump Cushions

Beaugen has solved the problem of pain and discomfort while pumping.  They have created soft and stretchy inserts that fit right into your breast shield so that you can pump in comfort.  Each pair lasts about 60 days, and costs about $12.00.  

Buy Beaugen Breastpump Shields HERE


2.  TendHers Soothing Breast Pillows

These incredibly soft and reusable inserts can be used cold or warm to help with clogged ducts, engorgement, or soreness.  They are reusable for up to 8 weeks and retail at $24.99 a pair.

Buy TendHers Soothing Breast Pillows HERE.


3. LecheLibre Breastfeeding/Pumping Apparel

Leche Libre has made it a priority to help moms look professional and stylish while pumping or nursing.  Each item is carefully designed to allow a woman to discreetly pump or nurse from anywhere.  The dress below retails at $89.00. 

You can buy this dress and many more HERE.


4.  Munchkin Ice

This ice pack is great because it wraps around your bottle of milk, instead of rigidly staying on one side of the bottle.  With Munchkin Ice, you can rest assured that more surface area of your precious liquid gold breastmilk is staying cold.  

munchkin ice aloo www.myaloo.com stop wasting breastmilk 

You can buy Munchkin Ice HERE


5. The Dairy Fairy Bras and Tanks

The Dairy Fairy Bras and Tanks are ingenious!  They grow and shrink with your body as your shape changes throughout pregnancy, nursing/pumping and weaning.  Plus, they are beautiful. No more bulky, boring, beige bras! Their most popular bra, the Arden, retails at $69.00 and is an "all-in-one" bra for nursing and hands free pumping, and is also adjustable. 

the dairy fairy breast pump bra nursing bra nursing breastmilk leave backwash behind www.myaloo.com

You can buy the Arden bra and many others HERE.


These are just a few of the great products that we have come across that we think moms would love.  Subscribe to our newsletter for more on pumping, nursing, parenting and more!  And of course, we feel that aLoo is a must have, as well!  

Thanks for reading!

The aLoo Team


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