10 Breastfeeding Advantages and Benefits for Mothers and Babies

By: lizlee| July 2, 2018

Breastfeeding your newborn soon after delivery will boost your little one's immune system into overdrive. A mother's breastmilk can prevent and protect a newborn from exposure to illness, disease, and bacteria. It is important for a mother to protect her child from the moment he or she is born. The enclosed sterile environment your baby once embodied is replaced by germs and bacteria shortly after delivery. Studies show mothers that breastfeed up to six months have infants with extraordinary advantages and benefits compared to formula-fed babies. Not only does breastfeeding provide a newborn with added nutrients, but it also improves the mother's overall health as well. 

Advantages to Breastfeeding 

Reduce bleeding after delivery

Breastfeeding reduces bleeding by releasing the hormone oxytocin to squeeze the uterine muscles and close open blood vessels.

> Reduce stress through bonding

Hormones released while breastfeeding can reduce a mother’s stress and strengthen the maternal bond with your little one.

> Delayed ovulation and period

It's normal to skip a menstrual period or two while breastfeeding, but the truth is you are still able to become pregnant.

> Increase postpartum weight loss

Mammary glands require milk-secreting cells to work extra hard to produce milk. All the additional cellular work allows women to lose up to 86% of the weight gained during pregnancy through breastfeeding.

> Reduce the risk of breast cancer
Lower estrogen levels in breast milk protect mammary glands within the breast from harmful disease and bacteria according to a JCN study.

Benefits to Breastfeeding

> Immune protection & GI tract infection
The antibodies in breast milk protect your baby from dangerous bacteria that grow within the infant’s GI tract.
> Promote growth & cognitive development

Breastfeeding promotes normal growth and brain development while blocking deadly pathogens from entering your baby’s blood vessels. 

> Lowers sudden infant death syndrome

A breastfed baby has a 62% reduced risk of SIDS Syndrome compared to formula-fed babies.

> Reduce the risk of pediatric cancers

Babies that are breastfed longer than six months have a reduced risk of developing leukemia later in life. 

> Breastmilk contains powerful stem cells
In 2007, Dr. Mark Cregan and Peter Hartmann discovered stem cells in breastmilk. Stem cells defend the body against foreign bacteria and serve as a probiotic for developmental benefits.


Breastfeeding Results

There is substantial evidence that supports breastfeeding as a way to improve a woman’s health after pregnancy. Also, the advantages of breastfeeding help a mother to return to her normal metabolic state.


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