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Save That Precious Liquid Gold

Save That Precious Liquid Gold

aLoo's technology reduces bacteria during bottle feeding by preventing backflow into the bottle to ensure the remaining liquid is unused.

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Our device is so easy to use, even a 2 Year-old can do it!

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Key Features

  • Bacteria Prevention

    aLoo's patent pending technology ensures unconsumed breast milk is free of any backwash related bacteria reducing your baby's exposure to additional bacteria.

  • Easy To Clean

    aLoo is made with BPA Free material and is dishwasher safe for at least 12 months of multiple cycles.

  • Compatibility

    The aLoo device fits most bottles currently in the market such as:

      Dr. Browns
      Philips Avent
      Tommee Tippee
      Playtex Baby
      Boob by Joovy


What is aLoo?

aLoo is a device that reduces backwash contamination of breast milk or forumula during bottle feeding.

Why is backwash a problem?

Backwash is made up of millions of bacteria from your baby's mouth. Once backwash enters the breast milk through the bottle's nipple, it can feed off of the nutrients in the milk and rapidly grow. We do not see why all of the breast milk needs to be contaminated, so we set out to solve that problem! Now, when you re-feed your baby that bottle (following Center for Disease Control guidelines, of course), you are decreasing the amount of additional bacteria your baby is exposed to.

Can I use aLoo without the nipple?

No. A child should not suck directly on the device. This will affect the valve from preventing liquid from re-entering the bottle.

  • Sucking on the valve will contaminate contents of the entire bottle
  • Directly sucking on the valve is a potential choking hazard
  • How do I use aLoo?

    Insert your choice of nipple into the nipple ring. Once nipple is secured, insert aLoo under the nipple, within the nipple ring. aLoo should fit snugly up against the nipple. Once placed into the nipple ring, screw the cap onto the top of the bottle and begin feeding.

    Which bottles are compatible with aLoo?

    At this time, we are compatible with Philips Avent only. We are developing additional skus that will be compatible with other bottles (Dr. Brown's, Medela, Playtex and Tommee Tippee). Sign Up for Updates!